Anonymous asked:

Get over it people get molested everyday, go take a shower cry a little put on some fierce red lipstick, sharpen those eyeliner wings and rock life. Don't let creepy old men keep you stuck



i am over it?????? but if i start panickin when someone touches me do u expect me to be ok with it?????

Wtf this is the worst advice I’ve ever heard in my life. I mean like yea people get molested everyday but those people aren’t all dandy after the event. They’re scared and paranoid, sometimes even going towards self harm. Healing is a process which everyone of those victims have to journey on in their own way and at their own pace. That anon basically is advising a person that putting on fucking makeup will make the frightening images of the struggle, the screams, and the pain go away. Putting on a mask and not dealing with your feelings/problems will not make it the nightmares vanish. Whoever says otherwise is fucking stupid and shouldn’t be allowed to comment on such subjects unless s/he has been molested and that’s how s/he over came his/her predicament. If not, stfu.